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Common storage questions: How do I use self-storage? What size storage unit do I need? What kind of lock should I get for my self-storage unit? Do I need a reservation or can I just walk in and rent a space? Do I need climate-control storage?

Storage Unit Prices

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How much does a storage unit cost?

The main factors that affect the price of a storage unit are:

  1. Unit size
  2. Location of the unit in the facility
  3. Location of the facility
  4. Level of demand in the area

Overall, storage costs more in big cities with dwindling space and less in rural areas.

If price is your priority, we recommend searching SpareFoot and sorting by price to find and compare the most affordable options in your area. Our facilities also offer exclusive discounts for SpareFoot customers, which means you’re getting the best deal out there on storage!

Additionally, AAA members get the first month of storage free AND a $20 Amazon gift card from SpareFoot at qualifying facilities. Learn more about it here!

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Do I need insurance for my storage unit?

Some facilities require tenants to purchase insurance at move-in, although many will accept proof of existing homeowners or renters insurance. Bring your declaration page to potentially waive the insurance fee (usually around $10-20).

Whether or not your facility requires it, having insurance is a great way to protect yourself and your belongings while in storage. Better safe than sorry!

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What is an administrative fee?

An administrative fee or “admin fee” is a one-time fee the facility charges at the time of move-in. This is a very common fee in the storage industry used to offset the costs of setting up your tenant account and processing the paperwork. The admin fee is between $10-25 (although in some cases it can be more) and typically replaces a security deposit charge.

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Will I have to pay a security deposit for my storage unit?

Unless stated, many storage facilities do not require a deposit to rent a unit. Instead, they may charge an administrative fee to cover the costs of paperwork.

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What fees will I be charged to rent a storage unit?

Standard fees include a combination of the following: rent, a one-time admin fee and the security deposit. Not all facilities will charge an admin fee and/or a security deposit. Taxes will vary depending on the area where you’re renting.

You will need to provide or purchase a lock for your unit. Many facilities also require you to purchase insurance, although it’s possible that your homeowners or renters coverage may be accepted instead.

If your facility offers gate access, you will also have the option to purchase a key fob or card. Other optional fees may include 24-hour access, dumpster services and electrical charges.

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Where can I find storage discounts?

You can always call the facility directly, or use SpareFoot to compare prices and deals! Many of our facilities offer exclusive storage discounts for SpareFoot customers. Plus, if you’re a AAA member, you can get your first month of storage free AND a $20 Amazon gift card. Learn more!

If you’re a member of the military or a college student, see our military discounts or student storage discounts sections for more info.

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Can the storage facility raise my rent?

Yes. Rent increases are common in the storage industry and depend on the market prices in your area. If you’re concerned about a rent increase during your tenancy, go through the lease very carefully with your storage facility. Make sure you’re clear on notification procedures, should a rent increase occur.

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