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Common storage questions: How do I use self-storage? What size storage unit do I need? What kind of lock should I get for my self-storage unit? Do I need a reservation or can I just walk in and rent a space? Do I need climate-control storage?

Storage Unit Sizes

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What size storage unit do I need?

It depends on the total size of the items you’re storing. Measure out a space with tape so you know the size of the floor space you’ll be working with. If you’re renting a moving truck, the truck’s dimensions can also help you gauge how much total storage space you’ll need.

It’s also important to think about how you intend to use the unit when choosing a size. Are you trying to cram it as full as possible, or do you need some extra room inside? We always recommend leaving a pathway for easy access to items at the back of the unit.


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How tall are storage units?

Storage units typically have a ceiling height of about eight feet. Special units like “storage lockers” are around five feet or less. Units for vehicle storage will have higher ceilings to accommodate RVs and boats. Check out our section on vehicle storage for more help on choosing the best unit size for your car, boat, motorcycle or RV!

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How wide are storage unit doors?

There are two types of storage unit doors:

  1. Swing door: A standard room door.
  2. Roll-up door: Rolls up just like the door on your garage.

Roll-up doors are eight to ten feet wide. Note that there are typically six inches on each side between the unit door and the edge of the wall.

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What are storage lockers?

Some people refer to all storage units as “lockers.” On our website, we call units with shorter-than-average ceiling heights or very small dimensions, “lockers.”

Storage lockers are not meant for furniture or large items, as they average three by three feet with a ceiling height of five feet or less. Think of them as a school locker—best for luggage, backpacks and other small items.

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What are mezzanine units?

Mezzanines or “skyboxes” are units stacked on top of other units, and you will usually need a ladder to access them. They are much less expensive than standard units.

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What are workspaces?

Workspaces are large units usually reserved for commercial activity. Workspaces can be used for everything from auto work to extra office space. Most workspaces are climate controlled with electricity, which is why they also cost more than a regular storage unit.

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Are all workspaces indoors?

Not always, although you should verify with your facility if this affects the type of work you plan on doing in your workspace. Some outdoor workspaces will have a cover over them.

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Can I work in my storage unit?

Yes, especially if you’re renting a workspace (units designated for commercial use).

If you’re interested in doing woodwork or working on a vehicle that may drip, leak or make a mess, we recommend verifying regulations with the facility before moving forward with any projects. Some facilities will allow this type of work, while others may not.

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