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Common storage questions: How do I use self-storage? What size storage unit do I need? What kind of lock should I get for my self-storage unit? Do I need a reservation or can I just walk in and rent a space? Do I need climate-control storage?

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What is vehicle storage?

Vehicle storage allows you to store cars, RVs, trailers, boats and motorcycles. There are three types storage options for vehicle storage:

  • Uncovered parking space: An open area where you can safely leave the vehicle.
  • Covered parking space: Outdoor area with a roof (similar to a carport).
  • Indoor unit: An enclosed unit with a roll-up door that can be locked.

Your vehicle must meet the following requirements before storage:

  • In running condition or on a trailer
  • Have registration and/or title

If you’re looking for vehicle storage, use SpareFoot’s powerful search to find affordable vehicle storage near you:

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Does my car have to be in working condition for storage?

While some facilities will accept vehicles that are not running, the majority ask that the vehicle be in working condition and insured. Most storage places require title, registration and insurance. We advise calling ahead and asking your facility about specific requirements.

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What unit size should I get for my car?

Most compact cars will work in a space that is roughly fifteen feet long. Other vehicles, like trucks and SUVs, will need a space that is at least twenty feet long.

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What unit size should I get for my boat?

You will most likely need to look for an outdoor parking space. We recommend measuring the length and height of the boat (while on the trailer) to ensure that the space you’re looking for is large enough.

If you want to store your boat in an indoor unit, make sure the height of the boat while on the trailer can clear seven feet (the general door height). At minimum, we recommend a 10×15 unit. You can also opt for the two larger standard sizes: 10x20s or 10x30s. Keep in mind that storage units have a ceiling height of eight to ten feet.

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What unit size should I get for my RV?

There are four types of RV storage offered at self-storage facilities:

  • Indoor trailer storage units: These are oversized versions of the typical self-storage unit. Units are between 12-15 feet wide and of varying heights and lengths—expect most units at 15 feet tall and between 30-50 feet in length.
  • Covered RV storage. There are two types:
  1. Standard, stand-alone canopies: These include a roof structure supported by columns
  2. Three-sided, walled canopies: These have walls on three sides
  • RV parking spaces: Paved parking space in the facility’s parking lot. Some have designated, marked-off areas, while others are paved spaces between and around storage buildings.
  • RV land lots: Open, unpaved land on a facility’s premises. One of the most common and least expensive options.
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What size unit should I get for my motorcycle?

Most motorcycles can fit into a 5×10 unit with a roll-up door. You can also opt for a standard outdoor parking space.

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What is wine storage?

Some storage facilities offer units for wine storage. These units are kept at an ideal temperature and humidity for wine preservation. Wine storage units will typically be smaller, and often include wine storage racks.

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Where can I find wine storage?

Yum, care to share? Search below to find the best wine storage selection we offer:

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Where can I find storage for college students?

Lots of facilities offer specials and deals for college students who may need to store their stuff over the summer. If it’s move-in or move-out season, check your local facilities to see what discounts they may be offering.

SpareFoot has tons of storage options available for our college friends! Visit our college student storage page to find self-storage near your university. Plus, college students can get a $25 discount from SpareFoot—ramen may be cheap, but it certainly isn’t free.

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Where can I find storage for military personnel?

Visit, SpareFoot’s storage search site for our brave service men and women. You’ll find real-time pricing, availability and military discounts for thousands of storage facilities nationwide.

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